Simply Algarve Magazine – Alignment

Following up from our previous article in Simply Algarve. So to be the ‘BEST YOU’ on the fairways make sure you appreciate the fundamentals of golf, we are going to discuss body alignment.

People often forget, golf is a target game, and like any target game, aiming to the target is an essential first step. Your initial setup can give your mind and body the actions and complications brought into the swing by misaligned body positions. Visualise your target line, then align your body to that line. Here’s how…

First stand behind your ball and pick a small intermediate target on your target line. Then address the golf ball with your feet, hips shoulders and eyes parallel to that target line. You’ll be surprised what a huge impact this simple fundamental can have on your shot. Align your body (and club, discussed in our previous article) properly, and let your golf swing flow. By properly aiming your body along your target line, you increase the likelihood of a free swing on a correct swing path. When your feet, hips, shoulders, eyes, and club are not aligned with each other – or with the target, they conflict with each other and cause all sorts of problems with your swing and ball flight. So go out there and AIM… ALIGN… SWING…

Getting better at golf usually comes down to the small details. There isn’t anything glamourous about working on your body alignment, but it can go a long way towards helping you play your best golf. Getting this fundamental correct, requires patience on the driving range to work through the pre-shot routine, time after time until you have it perfect.

Don’t be tempted to make radical changes to your swing that might not even be necessary. Work hard on getting your body alignment correct before every shot to see quick and powerful results on the course.

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