Simply Algarve Magazine – The Club Face

Following up from our previous article in Simply Algarve Magazine, So to be the ‘BEST YOU’ on the fairways make sure you appreciate the fundamentals of golf, we are going to discuss what to look for when you place the club square behind the ball. Aiming the club face correctly is one of the five key points at set up before you take your shot; the five points are Club Face, Aim, Ball Position, Posture and Grip!

When you have chosen your target we suggest you stand behind your golf ball and pick a mark approximately 10-15cms in front of your ball on the target line. At address you will need to have the leading edge or bottom groove of your golf club at a right angle, pointing down your target line. To take your address, with your feet together, hold the club out in front of you – this is a very good way of checking if the club face is square – with the toe of your golf club pointing directly to the sky.

If you are able to match the leading edge to a corner of a building when on the practice ground, this again is an excellent aid, giving you a perfect vision of the leading edge being square. As discussed in previous articles you should always use your alignment sticks on the practice ground! The ball position stick is set at 90-degrees to your target line, so again helping you to get your club head square at address.In the next issue we will help you to get your body alignment square to the target line, matching nicely with your club face. If you are struggling then we would recommend booking a lesson with one of your PGA Gurus.

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