Simply Algarve Magazine – The Grip

Following up from our article in the May Issue of Simply Algarve Magazine: ‘ So to be the BEST YOU on the fairways, make sure you appreciate the fundamentals of golf,’ we are going to discuss what to look for when you grip your golf club.

The perfect grip can lead to the correct wrist action throughout the swing. It is easy for your coach to check your grip when standing in front of you, but it is important to be able to check it yourself.

The ideal grip should consist of two knuckles showing on your left hand and a V shape made between the thumb and first finger. The grip of the club should pass through the fingers of your right hand with the right thumb covering the left thumb – this will create another V shape between the thumb and first finger of the right hand. Both Vs should point to the right shoulder, as shown in the picture to the left. If you look in the mirror you can see perfectly if your grip matches our description above. For left-handed golfers, the left hand is your right hand, the right hand is your left hand with the Vs pointing to your left shoulder.

There are three variations to the perfect grip related to the size of your hand; to understand which one best suits you, we would recommend booking a lesson with one of your PGA Gurus.

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