Simply Algarve Magazine – Swing Plane

Following on from our previous article in Simply Algarve Magazine, where we covered how to start the backswing we would like to continue and discuss how to get on plane in the backswing. As you can see from the picture on the right, the club is perfectly set at this key point of your backswing. Remember, when practicing you should work on a three to one ratio of practice swing to balls hit respectively.

Here are three very important checkpoints that you can use to make sure your swing is on plane at this stage:

1. Shoulders should be fully rotated at this point, 90 degrees, with hands opposite the centre of your chest.

2. The shaft angle at this point should relate to the position of the ball, not pointing straight down in line with your feet – this would be too steep an angle – or towards the horizon creating a flat backswing. Checking your shaft angle in a mirror or by using your alignment sticks when practicing can help you to achieve this position and appreciate the feeling.

3. Your wrists should be fully hinged, creating a 90-degree angle between the shaft and the left arm (for right-handed golfers).

On the market you will find many training aids all of which claim that they can help you with your swing plane. However, we believe that the best on the market is PlaneSWING! You will get an instant feel of the swing plane along with a better understanding of the back swing. When your Golf Swing is on plane it helps you to gain greater distance and accuracy. If you wish to experience the PlaneSWING under Professional guidance then contact Richard or Eddie to book your lesson.

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